Where career starters earn the most money

New ranking for those who want to earn as much money as possible:

These jobs promise the highest starting salaries

Would you like to earn as much money as possible in your job as quickly as possible? Or do you want to help your children find a university that will probably make the best of their livelihood later on?

Then take a look at the occupations and sectors in which beginners earn a lot of money after studying. According to a recent survey among 2,000 job starters, which the comparison portal salary.de conducted in Hamburg, these are these occupations:

Top 3 highest starting salaries after completing a bachelor’s degree

Top 3 highest starting salaries after completing a bachelor

  1. Technical Research & Development 48.887 €
  2. Engineer (Sales) 48,849 €
  3. SAP consultant 47,849 €

Top 3 highest entry-level salaries after completing a master’s degree

  1. Revision / Controlling 52.791 €
  2. Supply Chain Manager 52.681 €
  3. Key Account Manager 52,433 €

Clearly ahead are thus technical and economic occupations, which earn at the start on average significantly more than the average worker in Germany according to the figures of the Federal Statistical Office with an annual salary of 32,600 € gross.

Studying is no guarantee for a good salary. After graduation, especially humanities and social scientists have to settle for comparatively modest salaries if they find a job.

Flop 3 of the lowest starting salaries after studying

  1. Tourism / Hotel Management 27,600 €
  2. Sports therapist 31.800 €
  3. Cultural management 32.300 €

Anyone applying for a job should first get a precise picture of what salary is usual in the job or industry. If you have unrealistically high salary expectations, you quickly gain big bad points during the job interview. 37% of companies consider too high salary expectations of young applicants for their most common weakness. This is the result of the study “Hochschul-Recruiting 2016”, which was conducted by the online job exchange “Jobware” together with the Hochschule Koblenz. Who has realistic expectations, so collects plus points.