Use the 50% 15% 35% rule to save money and know how to spend your money

When calculating to know how much you can afford without worrying about getting into debt, one of the first questions usually is how to divide your salary correctly so that financial control is not lost.

In this sense, the 50% 15% 35% rule

Perfect for those who want to consciously spend their money and not get red at the end of the month. But after all, what would that rule be?

Very simple, you will separate your net salary in the three amounts: 50%, 15%, 35%. Here’s how it works:


Half of your salary is earmarked for the payment of essential expenses such as food, rent, electricity bills, water and transportation. If your essential expenses are extrapolating 50% of your salary, it is a sign that you need to make savings with this type of expense.


This amount can be used for two purposes: pay your debts and arrears if you have them. However, if there is no outstanding debt, that amount will be used to build an emergency financial fund.


This is the part we all like. With the essential bills up and debts paid off, nothing’s more fair than having a little of your hard-earned money to spend on your lifestyle. Eating out buying clothes, going to the gym, going out on weekends, etc. The bottom line is that the 35% can only come after the other two, do not go spending your salary without thinking and falling into debt.

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