Easy bad credit loans online -Here are bad credit loans guaranteed approval

Regardless of whether you sit comfortably on the couch or work intensively, you can become the owner of additional cash, without BIK and no additional certificates. How about cash loans at the company’s headquarters, concluded online, by phone or via… an text. Impossible? TextLoan has prepared such an offer for its clients.

TextLoan is a company with Polish capital that has extensive experience in the financial market. What’s more, we can get cash loans in three ways. However, just like any lender, it offers financial support on specific terms. So what do you have to do to get a payday loan online, without BIK and guarantors?

Searching for money? Here are bad credit loans guaranteed approval

Bad credit loans guaranteed approval have never been so easily available, just visit our site. We can apply for them completelyonline, while avoiding long queues at stationary facilities. What’s more, the money goes to our account after 15 minutes. Therefore, TextLoan, as a company with a Responsible Lender Certificate, offers 3 ways of concluding payday loans without checking customers in the debtor database at BIK. A borrower who prefers direct contact can use a stationary point of the company or companies cooperating with it. However, customers who value convenience and speed of transactions can do it online, by phone or by sending an text.

The amount you can count on when taking out a loan in TextLoan varies depending on the type of application. By completing the online form, it is a sum from 1,000 to 7,000 PLN, with repayment from 3 to a maximum of 30 months, while in credit bureaus we can apply for up to 10,000 PLN, for a period of up to 48 months.

For example, for a cash loan, worth PLN 4,000 for 30 months, repaid in equal installments with a fixed and annual interest rate of 10%, the installment amount will be PLN 284.52, which gives the APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate) at 97%. We can check the estimated and current cost of interest rates on payday loans in the calculator on the company’s official website.

Online cash loan in TextLoan – how to apply for it?

According to the company, the ideal borrower does not have to go through complicated restrictive requirements. It is enough that:

  • he is between 20 and 80 years old and is a Polish citizen,
  • has a valid identity card and mobile phone,
  • has a bank account and email,
  • has a stable source of income and is distinguished by a positive credit history in BIKand BIG Infomonitor.

So, if you have a problem with your creditworthiness, it can be very difficult or impossible to get a loan.

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Documents and certificates necessary for online loans

TextLoan clearly and transparently defines the rules for taking out a loan. The documents we must present depend on the source of income. They can be:

  • employment contract for a definite / indefinite / replacement,
  • work / work contract,
  • disability pension for a definite / indefinite period,
  • pension,
  • own business,
  • farm.

Then it will be necessary to have the appropriate bank account statements or ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) certificate on contributions or pay slips.

TextLoan does not recognize any additional certificates, such as:

  • maintenance,
  • 500+,
  • unemployment benefits or social benefits,
  • social pension paid by MOPS,
  • social and scientific scholarships, payments from parents,
  • benefits from the Social Assistance Center,
  • employment in a foreign company (contract concluded abroad and performed in a given country).

A simple way to grant loans online

Compared to a loan via text or telephone, the process of applying for an online cash loan in TextLoan is instant and transparent. To do this, simply fill out the contact form, with our current data, and use the slider to select the amount and repayment period. We will receive a decision within a few minutes.

Loan repayment ahead of schedule

In TextLoan is possible to repay the cash loan faster, thanks to which the customer will pay only the costs related to the period in which he had the cash at his disposal. Therefore, for this purpose, it is best to contact a consultant who will calculate the exact costs of settling the debt.

Importantly, according to company policies, a customer can only have one active loan. Taking another one is possible only after paying off the current one.

Can I opt out of the loan in text Loan?

Similarly to other loan companies, the borrower has the right to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 calendar days of granting it. In this case, it is necessary to submit a statement of withdrawal from the contract, in any form (by phone, e-mail or in writing sent to the company address). Then, within 30 days, the borrowed amount must be paid back together with statutory interest.

TextLoan is a company with only Polish capital. Thanks to the fact that it provides loans in various ways, it successfully replaces bank loans, which are often subject to complicated restrictive requirements.